The ENSAPL IT department offers resources and professional technical tools allowing
to approach project design, digital drawing, volumetry and research.

ENSAPL has a large computer park made up of both PCs and Macs, equipped with general and business software.  The software offered promotes development lessons appropriate to the different phases of the project: design, production and communication.  The IT department includes a reprography service adapted to teaching needs.  The management service team:

  • 50 workstations in the classroom

  • 50 workstations in the room with free access

  • 18 positions in the library

  • 50 positions in administrative services

  • 8 copier / printer / scanner including 5 accessible by students

  • 3 “large format” plotters (2 paper, 1 tracing)

  • 1 plan scanner

  • 4 3D printers

  • 1 laser cutter

  • 1 3-axis digital milling machine

Terms of Access

Access to the IT service is reserved for ENSAPL students and teachers. When classes are held within the service, access may be restricted or even deleted.

Computers are self-service and under the supervision of student monitors who ensure continuous permanence (see timetables).  A technical service can also be called upon in the event of a computer problem.