The Licence 2

The second year is more methodological for the project, by showing at first links between the program, structure, reach etc. on the scale of a small equipment building in relation to an existing building.

The Years organisation

  • Third semester – teaching coordination: Vincent Ducatez  

This semester aims to discover a new sensible and intellectual adventures: it is question of transforming in small public equipment’s a building in an urban site or not. Other reflexions on space and public buildings, cohabitating of communal and individual dimensions, it is also about seeing conception modalities: informed work attitude with the existing, critical analysis of public equipment workings, relations to urban space, representation and conception tools use, the role of individual and collective work, dimensions, building and mood principals, and architectural rules


  • Fourth semester – teaching coordination: Gaël Huitorel

As space of liveable is the principal objective of this semester, the first sequence is about matter which influence and defines it.

The first exercise: the brick, wood or metal house is the occasion for students to think and conceive urban housing in the city. The houses nature depends of how things are built: what materials, how they are used. Big scale drawings that are asked are about learning construction and usage of a houses spatiality.

 The preparation of the visit of a European city by building a guide on the theme of collective housing allows to understand, put through the ways of living here and there, now and then. The assessment of visited buildings constitutes a library for the last exercise that is about the conception of a residential building in a simple urban situation. The different accommodation typologies, their relation to each other as well as the distribution are discussed with the site in which is thought the project.

These exercises each propose at the same time a part in small groups and an individual development.