The ENSAPL’s workshops

The National School of Architecture and Landscape of Lille has spaces dedicated to
experimentation and manufacturing.  Whether it is with machine tools or digital machines,
students and researchers have the opportunity to develop an approach to materials and
manufacturing whether for architecture, landscape or even the design.

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Sébastien FRÉMONT

Sébastien FRÉMONT

Responsable de l'atelier échelle 1

+33 7 72 30 48 38



responsable fabrication numérique

+33 3 20 61 95 67




The scale 1 workshop

The scale workshop was designed by the teaching and administrative team of ENSAPL in order to have a large free space which allows the implementation and manipulation of full-scale elements.  Designed by architect Nasrine Seraji during the second expansion of the school, this unique workshop houses 500 square meters dedicated to experimentation.

Accessible to students of all years and training combined, it makes the tools available on site, and supervised machine tools.


Students from both training courses tackle the handling of materials (wood, concrete, metal, resins, etc.) and the realization of a scale 1 project.

The digital fabrication workshop

The ENSAPL digital prototyping workshop is the ideal place to test new materials and processes.

It gives access to numerically controlled machines (3D printers, 3-axis milling machine, laser cutting machine, etc.)

This workshop is co-hosted by the association La Fable and the IT department, it is accessible on fixed time slots.

The model workshop

The model workshop is an important tool in the training of the student in architecture or landscape.  It allows to approach the third dimension of a project and to support the student’s intention in his research.

This workshop provides small machine tools on site. Adapted to the production of models or prototypes in different materials, mainly from plastics.