An architectural and landscaping school

The ENSAP of Lille offers two courses in architecture and in landscaping. These two courses allow the school the opportunity to have an original identity, and develop a real interdisciplinary approach in architecture, urbanism, and landscaping.

Learn the project by the project

All along of its course, the student will learn how to build a project by doing projects. The sciences and technics for architecture and landscaping, human and social sciences, arts and representation technics, enlarge ones point of view of both courses, and enrich the projects practices.

The contemporary environmental issues have a high impact on both courses. They are accountable for the social and ecological responsibility of future architects and landscapers. In are ever-changing world the ecological transition is a major subject in are courses and research.

Teaching project & scientific project

The ENSAPL has a research laboratory, the LACTH. 25 researchers, 15 associated researchers and 19 doctorates which are developing interdisciplinary research on the 20th century heritage, the metropolitan landscape or scattered city, 3D printing at a building scale, contemporary processes of conception…

The initiation to architectural and landscaping research is essential from the start of the second cycle for the future of both practices in constant mutation. The works, projects, collaborations and research programs of the research lab in the school, the LACTH, are developing in their four specific domains: Conception, History, territory and materiality. This synergy effort of these activities has for aim the practices by doing research, opening to the doctorate as to accreditations in research.

Teaching project & international opening

The ENSAPL highly recommends international mobility to its students. As of the second year of study and to the doctorate, every student has the possibility to carry out a study mobility and/or a work experience abroad: 60% of students of the ENSAPL use this possibility during their course.

Programs like ERASMUS offer the possibility to students to carry out a study period in a partnered university from 6 months up to 10 months. Bilateral treaties with universities outside of Europe encourage the development of mutual relations also allowing students to do part of their course in a partnered university.

— Scale 1 workshop

— Studios

— The library

Studying in a euro-region

A school in a land of projects

Located in the heart of a capital triangle Paris, Londres, Bruxelles, Lille offers a favourable position to exchanges, to creativity and innovation. The students live in a cosmopolitan atmosphere, ideal for cultural and professional openness. The ENSAPL falls within a thrilling territory, engaged in a strong reconversion at northern Europe’s doors. Placed in the top 10 of French cities where it is good to study for its attractiveness, and 3rd for the “students good atmosphere”. Lille is one of the most student friendly cities in France: in 2018 more than 117 000 students made the choice to study there.

The euro-region has an exciting architectural, landscape and cultural heritage: the Palais des Beaux-Arts of Lille, the FRAC Grand Large, the Villa Cavrois, the Louvre-Lens or still the Grand-Hornu in Wallonia.

In 2019 the ENSAPL is:


students in architecture with 340 in the first cycle and 230 in the second cycle


students in landscaping with 50 in the first cycle and 90 in the second cycle


graduates doing their HMONP




in administration



The school offers on 10 000 m² and 4 ha of land :

  • 36 studios accessible 24/7
  • 2 amphitheatres and 13 classrooms
  • 500 m² workshop dedicated to scale 1 building
  • 1 fab lab with laser cutting, 3D printing and a CNC
  • 1 scale model studio
  • 1 library composed of 200 000 documents
  • 200 computers
  • 1 printing studio
  • 6 vehicles dedicated to study needs
  • 1 bike and car park
  • 1 cafeteria