Additive manufacturing of complex shapes for construction

A strong academic programme in line with top-tier research centres in architecture and civil engineering & leading specialists in additive manufacturing for construction. 

Architecture is pulled towards technological innovation and cross-disciplinarity by the digital revolution; the additive manufacturing applied to the building industry requires the joint input from engineers and architects in the fields of materials, robotics, architectural design and real-time digital viewing. The research project named MATRICE, conducted since 2016 notably by the ENSAPL, IMTLD and Polytech Lille, has been such a step into the future in the field of 3D printing with higher added-value forms and materials.

The 3D BUILD France Excellence Summer School is its direct academic result, at the crossroads of robotics, architecture and engineering. Based on a unique educational model, it is naturally open to students coming from different fields of study who will benefit from a high-end coaching in prototyping.