Studying at the ENSAPL in the framework of international student exchange.

With its 54 bilateral agreements around the world, the ENSAPL welcomes nearly 100 international exchange students each year.

Discover our partners

  • Argentina : Buenos Aires 
  • Austria : Graz 
  • Belgium : Bruxelles, Hasselt, Louvain,  Gent St Lukas, Liège 
  • Bulgaria : Sofia 
  • Brasil : Bahia, Belo Horizonte, Uberlandia
  • Canada : Laval
  • China : Tongji
  • Czech republic : Liberec, Prague
  • Espagna : Barcelone, La Corogne, Valladolid, Valence
  • Estonia : Tartu
  • Germany :  Weimar, Mainz, Cottbus, Cologne
  • Hungary : Budapest
  • Italia : Rome, Bologne, Milan, Naples, Venise
  • Ireland : Dublin
  • Portugal : Guimaraes
  • Poland : Lodz, Wraclow
  • Romania : Iasi
  • United Kingdom : Glasgow, Aberdeen, Canterbury
  • Slovakia : Bratislava

Nomination procedure

You must contact the office in charge of international exchange at your university in order to follow its selection procedure. Once selected, your university will send us by email to this address, the following information:

  • Your name and surname
  • Your email
  • Your level of study
  • The duration of your exchange (1 semester or a full year)

Deadline for nominations for full year or winter semester: June 15th

Deadline for nominations for spring semester: december 15th

You will then be contacted directly by the ENSAPL international relations office, which will confirm your admission and send you the information necessary for your registration.


ENSAPL does not currently have accommodation reserved for international students. The ensapl’s international relations office can assist the students in their search for accommodation.

Useful links :

– Lille CROUS for accommodation in a university residence:

– For individual accommodation: