Studying at the ENSAPL in the framework of international student exchange.

With its 54 bilateral agreements around the world, the ENSAPL welcomes nearly 100 international exchange students each year.

Discover our partners

  • Argentina : Buenos Aires 
  • Austria : Graz 
  • Belgium : Bruxelles, Hasselt, Louvain,  Gent St Lukas, Liège 
  • Bulgaria : Sofia 
  • Brasil : Bahia, Belo Horizonte, Uberlandia
  • Canada : Laval
  • China : Tongji
  • Czech republic : Liberec, Prague
  • Espagna : Barcelone, La Corogne, Valladolid, Valence
  • Estonia : Tartu
  • Germany :  Weimar, Mainz, Cottbus, Cologne
  • Hungary : Budapest
  • Italia : Rome, Bologne, Milan, Naples, Venise
  • Ireland : Dublin
  • Portugal : Guimaraes
  • Poland : Lodz, Wraclow
  • Romania : Iasi
  • United Kingdom : Glasgow, Aberdeen, Canterbury
  • Slovakia : Bratislava
Accueil des étudiants étrangers

COVID-19 Situation:

Till now, ENSAPL is continuing the exchange mobility application process, even if we do not exactly know whether we will be allowed to reopen the campuses and carefully restart our on-campus activities next September. We hope so. If we are not be able to immediately re-start all educational activities on campus during the fall semester, ENSAPL hopes to offer blended education, a combination of on-campus and online education, to all students, including exchange students. This means exchange students will have to be in Lille to take part in their exchange program. The program offered could be a mix of online education and on-campus education. If so, this offer will be exactly the same as that for French students. Thus, we are not developing an additional online offer for incoming exchange students. We are looking forward to welcoming your students at ENSAPL. If you have already nominated your students they can continue their application process and they will be offered their exchange program in a blended form.

If we are not allowed to provide on-campus activities at all (because of sanitary measures), we will be forced to cancel all the exchange mobilities for the fall semester. We hope to give you an answer as soon as possible.

COVID-19 - Point sur la situation

Jusqu’à présent, l’ENSAPL continue le processus de nominations pour une mobilité au semestre d’automne, même si nous ne savons pas exactement si nous serons autorisés à rouvrir les campus et à y redémarrer prudemment nos activités en septembre prochain. Nous espérons que ce sera le cas. Si nous ne pouvons pas reprendre immédiatement toutes les activités éducatives sur le campus au cours du semestre d’automne, l’ENSAPL espère pouvoir offrir un enseignement mixte, une combinaison d’enseignement en présentiel et en ligne, à tous les étudiants, y compris les étudiants en échange. Cela signifie que les étudiants d’échange devront être à Lille pour participer à leur programme d’échange. Le programme proposé pourrait donc être un mélange d’enseignement en ligne et en présentiel. Si tel est le cas, cette offre sera exactement la même que celle destinée aux étudiants français et nous ne développerons pas d’offre de cours en ligne supplémentaires pour les étudiants d’échange entrants. Nous nous réjouissons d’accueillir vos étudiants à l’ENSAPL. Si vous avez déjà nommé vos étudiants, ils peuvent poursuivre leur processus de candidature et leur programme d’échange leur sera proposé sous une forme mixte.
Si nous ne sommes pas du tout autorisés à proposer des activités sur le campus (en raison de mesures sanitaires), nous serons contraints d’annuler toutes les mobilités d’échange pour le semestre d’automne. Nous espérons vous donner une réponse le plus rapidement possible.

Application procedure

You must contact the office in charge of international exchange at your university in order to follow its selection procedure. Once selected, your university will send us by email to , the information about you (Name, Email, Level of study and duration of the exchange).

You will then be contacted directly by the ENSAPL international relations office, which will confirm your admission and send you the information necessary for your registration.

Deadline for nominations for full year or winter semester: June 15th

Deadline for nominations for spring semester: december 15th

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Upon your arrival

Participation if you want in an intensive week of French lessons (20 hours over 5 half days). French courses are offered to exchange students.

A welcome is organized for international students with:

  • Presentation of lessons and help in choosing courses
  • ENSAPL visit
  • Cultural tour in Lille metropolis

Usefull information

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  • Accomodation:

ENSAPL does not currently have accommodation reserved for international students. The ENSAPL’s international relations office can assist the students in their search for accommodation.

  • French courses:

French lessons are offered free of charge during an intensive week in September and then in extensive weeks each semester. 

  • Health insurance:

If you come from a European Union country, remember to have your European health insurance card before your arrival.

If you come from a country outside Europe, think about taking out health insurance in your country before your departure.