U&U – 10th edition of the PhD Seminar in Urbanism & Urbanization

10thU&U PhD Seminar, Lille, June 28th-30th 2023

After successful editions in Leuven, Venice, Barcelona, Paris, Delft, Lausanne and Ghent, the next edition of the PhD seminars in urbanism and urbanization will be hosted in Lille, France.

Like previous editions, the seminar seeks to bring together students writing their PhD thesis in urbanism, working within very different disciplinary traditions, combining historical research, design research and different forms of urban research.
The community supporting this seminar series over the years shares an interest in work that tries to speak across the divide between urban studies and the city-making disciplines, seeking to combine the interpretation of the process of urbanization with the commitment and care for the urban condition in all its manifold manifestations, and bring together urban theory and the theoretical grounding of urbanism.

The seminar welcomes all PhD students working in this mixed field. The call for papers of each edition foregrounds a set of themes that will be given special attention. We invite students to respond to these thematic lines, however, papers addressing other themes and concerns will also be taken into consideration.

Beyond metropolization – Exploring new hybrids

The 10th U&U Seminar will question metropolization, as a hegemonic model, which may not correspond to all forms of urbanization, which may be economically unefficient, spatially unfair, and consumes resources linearly. « Exploring new hybrids » is a way of questioning clear-cut categories, through four crucial topics that urbanism and urbanization are facing today :

Axis 1 – Hybridizing resources, addresses all the modalities of circular urbanism and in particular how the purpose of the « Zero Net Land Take » law is implemented troughout Europe.

Axis 2 – Urban & rural – explores the potential of mixed territories (characteristic of the region), in the climatic issues, especially those related to soils (groundwater, food, fertility, short circuits, etc.).

Axis 3 – Crossborders hybridations – studies the modalities of cooperation for projects between politically autonomous but interdependent communities as a living area.

Axis 4 – Hybridizing practices – analyzes hybrid methods of research-action, design-by-research, research-creation, which are increasingly present in the modalities of urban collective action.

Seminar pre-program

Wednesday, June 28th
    Afternoon: introduction (key-note speaker), Parallel Sessions #1
    Welcome cocktail
Thursday, June 29th
    Morning: Visiting Eurometropolis
    Afternoon: Parallel Sessions #2
    Conference (keynote speaker)
    Social dinner
Friday, June 30th
    Morning: Parallel sessions #3
    Afternoon: Round-up, General remarks (key-note speaker)


(to be confirmed)


– Call for papers

– Book of abstracts

Practical information

– Timing

call for papers December: 16th, 2022

abstract deadline January: 27th 2023 EXTENDED DEADLINE : 03.02.2023

notification of acceptance: March 15th, 2023

full and short papers due: June 1st, 2023

U&U Phd Seminar: June 28-30, 2023

– Contact

mail: UU2023@lille.archi.fr

web: https://www.lille.archi.fr/uu2023/

– Main location

Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture et de Paysage de Lille

2, rue Verte – F – 59650 Villeneuve d’Ascq


Registrations will be open from March 6, 2023


Tom Avermaete · ETH Zurich
Sabine Barles · Univ. Paris 1er
Mathieu Berger · UCLouvain
Chiara Cavalieri (co-chair) · UCLouvain
Elena Cogato Lanza · EPFLausanne
Michiel Dehaene · UGhent
Denis Delbaere · ENSAP / ULille
Isabelle Doucet · Chalmers Univ. of Technology
Marc Dumont · ULille
Bénédicte Grosjean (co-chair) · ENSAP / ULille
Carola Hein · TU Delft
Anne Kockelkorn · UGhent
Nikos Katsikis · TU Delft
Gery Leloutre · ULBruxelles
Béatrice Mariolle · ENSAP / ULille
Sébastien Marot · ENSA Paris-Est
Brian McGrath · Parsons NS Design (NY)
Bruno de Meulder · KULeuven
Bruno Notteboom · KULeuven
Dominique Rouillard · ENSA Paris-Malaquais
Chloé Salembier · UCLouvain
Kelly Shannon · KULeuven
Adolfo Sotoca · UPCatalunya
Maria Chiara Tosi · IUAVenezia
Els Verbakel · Bezalel AADesign (Jerusalem)
Paola Viganò · EPFLausanne, IUAVenezia
Elisa Baldin · ENSAPL, Uliège
Chiara Cavalieri · UCLouvain
Thaïs Delefortrie · UCLouvain
Michiel Dehaene · UGhent
Maarten Gheysen · KULeuven
Geoffrey Grulois – ULBruxelles
Bénédicte Grosjean · ENSAP – ULille
Augustin Hautecoeur · UCLouvain
Roman Lassalle · ENSAPL, UCLouvain
Lucas Lersch · UCLouvain
Tommaso Pietropolli · EPFL Lausanne